How Do Car Title Loans Work

You might be wondering how do car title loans work. The reality is not very complicated. Assuming you have a clean title on your motor vehicle (car, truck or van) and there is some value in the vehicle, you can qualify for a car title loan.

Car title loans are a great way to provide you with cash, particularly if you are dealing with a situation that requires money quickly. One of the great benefits of a car title loan is that, unlike a pawn broker, you will actually get to use your vehicle during the life of the car title loan even though the vehicle serves as collateral on your loan.

Another great benefit of a car title loan is that your existing credit (or lack of credit) is not a factor in the process. You are using the value of your vehicle with a clear title as collateral against the loan. As long as you have a job and can satisfy our requirements regarding your ability to repay the loan, you will qualify for a car title loan.

In addition, many people find the process of getting a car title loan a great plus because, in some scenarios, we can have you driving away from our office in your own vehicle in as little as 15 minutes with cash in hand.

Of course as with any loan, you are entering an agreement and you will be expected to fulfill your obligations regarding the loan terms but again, for many a car title loan is a great option when you need to generate cash in a hurry.

Hopefully you’ve found this above explanation helpful, but we are always happy to answer any further questions you might have either in person at one of our locations. You can also call our toll free number during business hours and one of our representatives will be happy to answer any further questions you might have – 1 (888) EZ BUCKS.